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The Cambridge Candle™ is
published by:
Cambridge Newsgroup, Inc. • PO Box 391109 • Cambridge MA • 02139


The Cambridge Candle
lists community events, gallery shows, dances, meetings, and other events of interest to people in Cambridge.

The Cambridge Candle is published on a month-oriented schedule. It is especially suited for listing long-running events and/or events that are scheduled in advance.

For Art Gallery and Dance listings

Please leave a message for Lawrence at 491-2520. Or, if it’s easier for you, send us email and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

For all other listings

Please leave a message for the Community Events Coordinator at 491-2520. Or, if it’s easier for you, send us email and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

If you prefer, you can mail materials to us at PO Box 391109, Cambridge MA 02139, but please do not send materials that you need to have returned. (Tip: We appreciate receiving materials in electronic formats -- such as diskettes -- though paper is fine, too.)

For each event, please tell us:

  • What it is (for example: a meeting)
  • Its name and/or a brief description
  • When it will occur (dates and times)
  • Where it will occur (please include the address, if possible)
  • Contact information (name, phone number, etc.)
  • The cost, if any
  • Any related information you want us to list (for example, is there a reception? Is this a regularly scheduled event, etc.)

Thank you for submitting your listings to The Cambridge Candle.

Please note that we try to list all events that we receive. We cannot, though, guarantee that your event will be listed due to space limitations, the publication date, and other factors. Neither Cambridge Newsgroup, Inc., nor The Cambridge Candle, is responsible for any errors, omissions, or other problems associated with materials that we receive and/or publish.


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